When Homework’s Done


“Well” said Stuart, “a misspelled word is an abomination in the sight of everyone.”  -E.B. White, Stuart Little

Now that just cracks me up since the homework in this  piece is my daughter’s book report on Ramona’s World, in which she spells Ramona 4 different ways but never correctly. Perhaps it will all be corrected in time to go out and play before the rain. But I doubt it.

Piedmont, the gerbil-model for this piece, belonged to a teacher friend. He was actually helping with report cards in one adorable photo, but as this needed to be a Fall piece for a  Colored Pencil Magazine competition (Draw the Leaves), I made it a piece about homework. Piedmont is sadly no longer with us so this is a tribute to his big, little character.


3 thoughts on “When Homework’s Done

  1. This piece will be on display in “Puzzle Pieces” an exhibit of works in all media from regional artists and fine craftspeople, each with the artist’s choice of puzzle piece incorporated in the work. What’s puzzling to you? Incorporated will be pieces from a jigsaw puzzle, Tower of Hanoi game, a crossword clue, Sudoku grid, or riddle. A fun reception is sure to follow! Puzzle Pieces, on view January 11 through February 9, 2014 is sponsored by The Friends of Franklin Park Arts Center, a 501.c.3 non-profit advisory board dedicated to the success of the Arts Center. Franklin Park Arts Center Gallery 36447 Blueridge View Lane, Purcellville, VA 20132 January 11 – February 9. Sunday, January 12 – 3:00-5:00 pm: Reception for artists and public.

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