My Definition of a Hero

My Definition of a Hero

At the Heart (coeur) of my Girl Heroes is courageousness. Not in the sense of the turn-off successful; the strong, the bitchy, the step-on-others-to-the-top type. My Girl Heroes are those who show a type of quiet courage, ordinary heroes, the day-to-day courageous. They face their struggles, diabetes, thyroid, emotional issues, family struggles, the get-out-of-the-box and try it anyway, type. The true to themselves type. They remind me of people. Women we eventually hear about, usually honored later when someone recognizes this person has been here all along doing this. Wow. And then Emily is no longer the bane of her family’s existence, abused by her siblings. Beatrix is no longer just the girl who liked to draw science. Like the struggles I have had in my own life, yet I get up everyday, teach, do what I have to, make art. This quietly courageous and enduring quality inspires.


Courage to be Imperfect


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