The Other Sister

The very ink of history is written with fluid prejudice  — Mark Twain

"She is my death and I am hers" -Anne B

“She is my death and I am hers” -Anne B

“If I must die, then I will die boldly, as I have lived.” ―Carolyn Meyer, Doomed Queen Anne

“And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me.” –Anne Boleyn

My Blog is called Girl Heroes and Animal Stories. As it gets closer to my show, you will hear more and more about this. Here is my daughter, Honor, a special portrait for her graduation, poppies for remembrance (even if the they are a Tommy Hilfiger shower curtain) and the Anne Boleyn necklace, the REAL one that came from the costumers to the show the Tudors as an incentive present from her teacher for completing school a year early. A girl who knows her history has power. A girl who has power and knowledge will go far. Calling her the OTHER sister is a compliment not a slight, quoting a Queen who it is said influenced her country more then any other in her short life is not as morbid as these quotes would otherwise sound. This is a legacy. Honor is my first Girl Hero.


My Art and Stories

If I gathered all my art in a room this is what it is, girl heroes and animal stories, the dreams and histories that make us who we are and who we can become. visit my website I will figure out how to do links and all the cool blog stuff soon. -Lis Zadravec